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Frustrated, time-strapped business owners hire me when they want to free themselves from day-to-day operations, finish their projects, land new opportunities, and grow their business and revenue.

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Is this you?


the Wheel

Do you feel like you are

re-inventing the wheel each time you create a piece of marketing material or launch a new product or service?

Lackluster Team

Performance & Retention

Are your team members confused about their responsibilities and rely on you for day-to-day guidance?

Not Enough Time in the Day

No matter how well you plan, are you struggling to get your business to-do list done each day or even each week?

Hitting a

Revenue Plateau

Are you feeling like your revenue ceiling is as solid as a slab of concrete?

Missed Opportunities

Have you passed on a great opportunity because you didn’t have the team or bandwidth to support it?

The Glue Holding It All Together

Have you cancelled more vacations than you care

to admit?

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Guess what! You can …

Have a business that runs effectively and efficiently

Hire top talent that treats your clients & customers with excellence and handles day-to-day operations

Adapt to changing markets quickly and easily

Gain the bandwidth to think and plan more strategically

Finish those projects and put $1000s in your bank account

Enjoy a life beyond the office

The Business Accelerator Guide walks you through a step-by-step process to create a personalized, prioritized roadmap for increasing your revenue and profits, increasing ROI on your team time, and an effective dashboard for monitoring the ongoing status and scalability of your organization.

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An Experienced Professional You Can Rely On

Karen Cox

Process Design & Implementation

Project Management

Business Advisor

With decades of hands-on and managerial experience, Karen has designed and implemented processes, projects and solutions for industry leaders including Fortune 100 companies

Abbott and Caterpillar.

Karen has taken her experience to identify key business practices and develop a simple, but highly effective formula for pinpointing and leveraging key activities and processes for stability, growth and long-term success…

Key practices that work across industries and for businesses of all sizes.


Assess & Prioritize Processes of Focus


Clear, Effective, Impactful Documentation


Strategic Implementation & Monitoring

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