Making Your Integration Work…For YOU

As the SPANX for Business Backends, I design and implement business backends that deliver RESULTS you need NOW along with the foundation and flexibility you need to GROW with you, your team and your business.

Integrations are my specialty.

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Key Integration Outcomes

Process Aligned

Whether adding an acquired company, product line or undergoing an internal integration, mapping and documenting processes that align across entities and functional areas is critical.

People Aligned

Magic happens when team members are brought to the table and heard. The best integration is one that brings the best ideas together.

Future Aligned

And when all the pieces are put together, your business is strongly positioned to not only tackle the challenges and opportunities of today, but also for the future.

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Yes! You can …

Have a integration that goes effectively, efficiently and provides a solid ROI on your investment.

Plan strategically

Adapt to change more quickly and easily

Retain top talent

Experience a solid ROI

Serve internal and external stakeholders successfully

In our Exploration Consultation, we’ll discuss your current circumstances, challenges, and opportunities; your desired outcomes; and if and how we might work together.

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The Best Time to Prepare for an Integration is BEFORE the Deal is Done

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An Experienced Professional You Can Rely On

I apply my simple but highly effective process which I’ve developed over my 25 years+ of experience to get you effective results, without the fluff. I’ve delivered major implementations and results, including for Fortune 100 companies.

From overall project management and process development & documentation through full implementation including training, communications, quality & compliance, and change management, I accelerate your company’s integration, growth and presence.

My direct experience with multi-million and multi-billion $$$ M&A Integrations and Divestiture Separations makes taking advantage of major opportunities not only possible, but successfully achievable.


Assess & Prioritize Processes of Focus


Clear, Effective, Impactful Documentation


Strategic Implementation & Monitoring

The Best Time to Prepare for an Integration is BEFORE the Deal is Done

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